Bringing to you, from the Central India  tribal belt, art inspired from Harappan valley civilization as far as 2000 BC. An ancient art form that depicts the life and culture of the tribes of central India. The process is done with forming figures of wax with the process of wax casting, which is then covered with 3 different layers of mud found only in the particular area, these figures are then baked in high temperature leading to the wax evaporating leaving a hollow inside the baked hard clay, which is then filled with molten alloy to take the shape inside the clay of the original wax cast. This form of art is highly elaborate in its making and time consuming. Each piece goes through a rigorous 40 days of processes to come to its elegant conclusion. We have a huge variety of forms available and any custom design can also be designed. The pieces are available in 3 forms- rustic, colored or polished look. Please go through our extensive range to order today!