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Koovy Arts began with the simple ideology of providing exposure to the highly diverse handicrafts and fashion products, that the Indian subcontinent has to provide. With each state as different than any other state in regards to the culture, cuisines even the language, no two states provide the same style of handicrafts and garments. It is our endeavor to showcase the beautiful diversity and craftsmanship of these talented and dedicated artists to you. Our team makes certain of handpicking from amongst the options to bring you the best and eco-friendly products, made with natural dyes and colors, at the most reasonable prices. It is with these two principles that we base our competence. Hit that “make an enquiry” tab to get to know more of your favorite products.


Koovy Arts fashion takes you to the world of Indian ethnic wear. Made with the best quality textiles and styles from all across the Indian subcontinent. Every work is hand printed or dyed and made using the best natural dyes and colors available. We make it our endeavor to only use eco friendly products and raw materials keeping in mind the ecology and traditional practices of our artisans.


Koovy Arts is a purveyor or Indian Arts. We handpick our arts and choose only the artist who know the exact science of creating the exact nature of arts as suits the ecology, geography and the society of their native place. We make sure our arts are eco friendly and ensure that they are made with natural occurring raw materials

The art we choose are from various different parts of the Indian subcontinent and we collaborate only with the local artisans so that the proceeds of our sales go directly towards the betterment of these rural artisans with their knowledge into arts as their only way of sustaining themselves.

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